The New York State Department of Labor’s Shared Work program is a helpful solution for businesses experiencing a slowdown, including temporarily reduced hours, temporary closures, seasonal slowdowns, and hour cutbacks associated with declining sales. With Shared Work, employees work reduced hours while collecting some unemployment benefits, allowing businesses to save money and retain knowledgeable, productive staff. 

This isn’t just for traditional salaried employees. Full-time, part-time, and even seasonal employees are eligible for this program. Since everything is done online, applying for, and managing plans should be fast and easy for businesses. Shared Work plans are usually approved within 48 hours, can be adjusted weekly, and take just minutes to certify with the NY Department of Labor. The flexibility of the program, which has been a trusted resource for decades, allows businesses to ramp up quickly when conditions improve and you’re able to resume normal service.

Need help with your plan? No problem. Every participating business gets a dedicated representative from the Department of Labor to answer questions and guide you through the process – they’re always just a phone call away.

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