Village Tannery is a custom-made handbag and leather goods shop located on Great Jones Street in NoHo, and may be the only shop in New York City that still has a workshop within the retail store. It is one of the craft shops you must visit in New York City!
Sevestet and TJ, owners and operators, are two creative Turkish American designers who first came to New York City to make a difference in the world and start something meaningful.

As they proudly celebrate their 40th year in business, Sevestet told us it was the “originality and creativity” in their products–coupled with strong business management–that has helped them thrive in an increasingly competitive climate.

All products use 100% cow hide leather both on the outside and inside of the bags; and, the products have a lifetime guarantee.
Visit the Village Tannery at 7 Great Jones or check them out online at