Over the past few months, a couple of new businesses have opened up right on the edge of NoHo on at the corner of Mercer Street and Waverly Place. We’re thrilled to see some more life come back to this block around our neighborhood’s northern edge! Both of these delightful new small businesses are located on Mercer Street, between Waverly Place and 8th Street.

Tora Tea isn’t your average spot for bubble tea. Step up to the counter, and you’ll find an assortment of bubble teas, fruit-based drinks, and more. The best part is, they use fresh fruit to infuse the teas with a natural sweetness that you won’t find anywhere else. See their menu and order here.

NA Slice NYC is a new, Italian pizza and pasta shop that only uses the finest Italian ingredients to make the freshest food. With a great menu of slices, whole pies, pastas, and even Italian breakfasts, you can’t go wrong by stopping here any time of day! See their offerings here.