For Women’s History Month, we’re partnering with over 30 neighborhood organizations from across NYC on the #SmallBusinessWonderWomen campaign. We’re sharing the wonderful women behind the businesses that make NoHo a special place. Every woman was asked to share what makes them a small business wonder woman and why they chose to make NoHo their home.

Handling sales, customer service and bespoke fittings has been challenging but the silverlining has been how our AMAZING NoHo customers have been ideal to work with. I LOVE NoHo and especially the BID which has been unbelievably present and supportive during these difficult times!

NoHo is the gem of Manhattan with such a rich history and incredible talent. I have been talking to my landlords across the City about the incredible support the BID has given us. No other neighborhood has done that.”

Learn more about Selima in her 2019 profile in Invision Magazine: This NYC Eyewear Botique is Simultaneously Fashion-Forward and Enamored with the Past

Bond 07 by Selima is located at 7 Bond Street. Visit their website to learn more