For Women’s History Month, we’re partnering with over 30 neighborhood organizations from across NYC on the #SmallBusinessWonderWomen campaign. We’re sharing the wonderful women behind the businesses that make NoHo a special place. Every woman was asked to share what makes them a small business wonder woman and why they chose to make NoHo their home. 

I launched Pure Grit BBQ at the beginning of 2020. I wanted to create a BBQ brand that appealed to plant-based eaters, infused femininity into a predominately male category and of course, I wanted it to be produced in NYC. I was able to accomplish this all while sheltering in place and helping my daughter with high school. Pretty much every woman I know is a wonder woman. We are strong, tough and we persevere. For me, I guess you could say, I have pure grit.”

Learn how Kerry is changing the BBQ game, thriving during COVID, and building a brand in her interview with NYC BBQ: Vegan Barbacue Newcomer Pure Grit BBQ Pivots from Restaurant to Retail

Currently, Pure Grit BBQ is operating online only. Visit their website here