For Women’s History Month, we’re partnering with over 30 neighborhood organizations from across NYC on the #SmallBusinessWonderWomen campaign. We’re sharing the wonderful women behind the businesses that make NoHo a special place. Every woman was asked to share what makes them a small business wonder woman and why they chose to make NoHo their home. 

I can honestly say it’s a talent of my mom’s which I merely try to emulate- which is to be fierce but loving with graceful and daring tenacity. No small feat! But I try. 

NoHo is a small but incredibly special slice of Manhattan – from the historic Bowery and Liz Christie garden to Il Buco and Atla, Indochine and Astor Place, there’s magic to be found on every block. Including ours, on Bleecker!

Learn more about how Anna Sheffield is staking out a unique spot in the jewelry industry in Fashionista: How Anna Sheffield Is Building a Nontraditional Jewelry Empire With Responsibility at Its Core

Anna Sheffield is located at 19 Bleecker Street. Visit her website to learn more