Holiday shopping can feel impossible, so let us help you with everybody on your list! The NoHo Noel Holiday Gift Guide features thirty great products you can get right here, right now in NoHo. We’ll be sharing one per day on our Instagram and Facebook right up to Christmas Day, so make sure to follow along there for daily inspiration!

For the Bookworm – A Rare or Unique Title from Mercer Books: There’s nothing quite like plunging into a bookstore, not knowing exactly what you’re looking for and diving into the stacks of books. For the bookworm in your life, we recommend visiting Mercer Books, which is filled to the brim with unique, rare, and out of print titles. You’ll find them the book they didn’t know they were looking for!

For the Home Chef – A Gift Box from Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria: The beloved flavors of this NoHo icon are available in a number of gift boxes that are perfect for the home chef in your life. They’ll love these high quality, meticulously sourced ingredients that will elevate any meal.

For the Jetsetter – Luggage from Away: Travelers love luggage from Away, and for good reason! It’s light, durable, and is perfectly designed with jetsetting in mind. Their NoHo flagship store offers all their awesome designs that will make traveling that much more enjoyable.

For the Friend Who Needs to Relax a Little – A Treatment from Haven Spa: There’s nothing like a day at the spa, and Haven might be one of the best places to unwind in all of NYC. Book a treatment for that friend who needs to relax a little, and they’ll love watching their stress melt away, at least for a little bit.

For the Bourbon Aficionado – A Bottle from Great Jones Distillery: Stop into Manhattan’s first distillery since prohibition and grab a bottle. Made from grains grown in New York and fermented right here in NoHo, this bourbon is as iconic as the Empire State itself!

For When You Don’t Know What to Buy – A Gift From Little Market: This neighborhood newcomer is filled to the brim with local, women owned brands. Step inside for a wide array of inspired, chic, and stylish gift ideas that run the gamut. There’s something for everybody here!

For the Beach Bum – A New Suit from Solid and Striped: This iconic swimwear brand is open year-round with stylish swimsuits for both men and women. It’s beloved for a reason, their designs are at once stylist, trendy, and timeless and the beach bum in your life will love it.

For the Environmentally Conscious Person in Your Life – Sustainable Stocking Stuffers from Package Free Shop: On Bond Street, you’ll find Package Free. Inside their shop is all the sustainable stocking stuffers you could ever hope to find, like plastic-free beauty supplies and clean beauty supplies. While the environmentally conscious person in your life will love it, they have great small gifts for everybody!

For the History Lover – A Membership to the Merchant’s House Museum: There’s nothing like a gift that keeps on giving, and for the history lover in your life, the Merchant’s House Museum is that gift. Not only will it get them admission year round, but they’ll be able to attend special events at a lower price!

For the Home Bartender – Unique Liqueurs and Spirits from Warehouse Wines and Spirits: If you can imagine it, they probably have it here. This emporium of all things alcohol has a huge, constantly changing selection of unique, rare, and hard to find options that will have the home bartender crafting creative cocktails all year long.

For the Most Colorful Person in Your Life – Sabah‘s Namesake Shoes: Sabahs are cult favorite shoes for a reason, they’re eye catching color and laid back, yet chic look mean they are perfect for just about any occasion. Best of all, they’re available in just about every color and pattern imaginable.

For Fido and the Feline – Toys, Treats, and a New ‘do from Happy Paws: If you spoil your pet with gifts like we do, then look no further than Happy Paws! This local pet shop has a big selection of gifts that your dog or cat is sure to love and offers a whole range of dog grooming services.

For the Holiday Host – Serving Dishes, Holiday Decor, and More from Crate and Barrel: Hosting the Holidays is no easy task, and getting something truly special for the dinner table is a great way to show appreciation to the host! With three levels filled with great pieces, there’s no place better to get something special than Crate and Barrel’s only NYC location right here in NoHo.

For the Person Planning a Big Life Event in 2023 – A Bespoke Outfit from Michael Andrews: Look, we get it, gift cards get a bad wrap. But for somebody with a big event coming up, it’s perfect. With a gift card to Michael Andrews, they’ll be able to get a bespoke outfit and look their very best for life’s important moments.

For the Person Who Likes to Make a Lasting Impression – A Scent Sampler from Bond No. 9: NoHo’s own perfumery creates high quality, long lasting scents that are sure to impress. Based off of NYC neighborhoods, these scents leave the kind of mark that somebody who takes care of every detail will love.

For the Expecting Mother – Clothes that Glow as Much as She Does from Hatch: The clothes here aren’t your typical maternity clothes, they’re designed with fashionable mom in mind. As such, every piece here is not only stylish, but designed to be worn even after delivery.

For the Sneakerhead – New Kicks from A Sneaker City: Sneakers are their own culture and it can be hard to find the right pair if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully, A Sneaker City has friendly staff and a great selection to make it easy to impress the sneakerhead who has it all.

For the Guy Who Never Leaves Home Without a Cap On – A Limited Edition Drop from Hat Club: We all know a guy like this, who isn’t ever quite complete without a cap on. For him, there’s nothing better than a fresh new cap, and the effortlessly cool limited edition caps from Hat Club are sure to impress.

For the Wine Lover – A Great Bottle from Astor Wines: Step into this sprawling emporium and you’ll find some of the best bottles that can be found just about anywhere. The helpful tags and friendly staff will help you find a fantastic, unique wine that’s sure to impress even the most sophisticated amateur sommeliers.

For the Jewelry Lover – A Signature Piece from Jill Platner: Made right here in NoHo, Jill Platner’s jewelry is a beloved and iconic neighborhood favorite. Her pieces are iconic and have a sculptural style all their own. Visit her one and only showroom to find the perfect piece for the jewelry lover in your life.

For the Dapper Dan in Your Life – A Visit to Slowear: The clothes at Slowear are carefully sourced and created, and are designed to last a lifetime. They specialize in timelessly chic menswear that the Dapper Dan in your life will be able to wear over and over again.

For Babies and Their New Parents – A Day at the Play Cafe at Lalo: The Play Cafe is a great new addition to NoHo, and is a wonderful place where babies can play and parents can actually spend a few minutes relaxing. They offer a full roster of activities from Union Square Play.

For the Friend Who Always Has Flawless Nails – A Glosslab Membership: Unless they’ve mastered painting their own nails, this friend is probably spending way more than they need to getting their nails done. A Glosslab membership means they’ll get unlimited service from a great nail salon where they can change things up as much as they want.

For When You Need Inspiration – Step into Showfields to Discover a Plethora of New Brands: Sometimes shopping feels impossible. Stepping into Showfields makes it easier. With dozens of exciting new brands, a visit to their store basically guarantees that you’ll discover an exciting new gift for people on your list.

For the Coffee Lover – A High Quality Thermos and Coffee Beans from Gasoline Alley Coffee: A great thermos is a game changer, and is perfect for the coffee lover. They’ll be able to take their own meticulously prepared home brewed coffee with them wherever they go with this gift.

For the Natural History Buff – A Magnificent Mineral from The Evolution Store: Going to the Evolution Store is a bit like going to a museum, gift shop, and home decor store all bundled into one. They have a lot of truly unique and one-of-a-kind finds, and we recommend getting a unique mineral for the natural history buff in your life.

For the Home Workout ‘Expert’ – A Digital Membership to AARMY: So many people started working out from home in COVID, and the home workout ‘expert’ probably still has a lot to learn. Gift them a digital membership to AARMY, and they’ll be able to access tons of high quality classes from NoHo’s own AARMY.

For the Arts Lover – A Small Print Publication from Dashwood Books: Shop this subterranean store for small print, unique, and independent art titles from living artists. You’ll find interesting, unique works here that the arts lover in your life will be blown away by!

For Somebody Who Just Needs a Good Laugh – Tickets to Blue Man Group: This NoHo icon is famous all around the world for good reason. It’s funny, it’s unique, and it’s totally fun to visit. Know somebody who needs a good laugh? They’ll for sure have one with tickets to this show!

For a Gift That Tastes as Good as it Looks – A Custom Decorated Sugar Cookie from Funny Face Bakery: These aren’t your average gifted cookies, these are custom made sugar cookies of anything you want that taste as good as they look. They’re known for turning your selfies into a cookie, but you can make one of anything! Get some company cookies for the office holiday party, make cookies of your friend’s pet, or a fun memory, and take edible gifts to the next level.