Over the past couple of years, something sweet has been developing in the neighborhood, and NoHo’s turned into a delicious dessert destination. From viral pastries, to pop culture cookies, ice cream, and beyond, there’s something for everybody and options abound. We’ve compiled the best dessert options in NoHo on this guide. Now go grab something sweet!

The Viral Supreme from Lafayette Grande Cafe and Bakery: There’s no way around it, Lafayette’s Bakery has a hit. The Supreme, invented at their in-house bakery, has become a global hit, and at their three daily drops at 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 4:00 PM, you’ll find long lines waiting for this hit. It’s a croissant like pastry, made into a circle, filled with tasty cream, and topped with icing. They offer this incredible pastry in both chocolate and a monthly seasonal flavor.

Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Cookiewiches from Captain Cookie & The Milkman: This neighborhood newcomer makes their cookies fresh, from scratch everyday, alongside a great selection of ice cream. Enjoy the best of both worlds with their cookiewiches! This tasty treat is two cookies of your flavor choice with a heaping scoop of ice cream sandwiched between. The flavor combinations are basically endless!

Pop Culture Inspired Cookies from Funny Face Bakery: Known for their impeccably hand-piped cookies featuring pop culture moments, these cookies make a great gift! From their viral ‘Crying Kim’ cookie to the latest memes, there’s many options, and they frequently add new ones. You can also get your own custom cookies made from any image you like!

Hibachi-Style Ice Cream from Catch’n Ice Cream: Catch’n Ice Cream, by influencer Dylan Lemay, offers a unique hibachi style ice cream. You start off with a premade ice cream ball covered with toppings, and it’s diced and chopped into the ice cream you’re familiar with. They also offer ice cream cakes, perfect for taking to a party.

Fan Favorite Cookies from Levain Bakery: The giant cookies from Levain are fan favorites in NYC for a reason. They’re huge, they’re delicious, and they’ve been drawing lines for years now. They offer several flavors, but if you’re trying it for the first time, we recommend the two-chip cookie that was made up for and first released at the NoHo location!

Artisanal, Seasonal Baked Goods from Think Coffee: This NoHo-based coffee shop also offers up pastries from their award-winning in-house bakery. They offer a big selection of pastries, including seasonal flavors, and their delightful bakes goods are available at both of their NoHo locations. They also offer several vegan options.

Bourbon Infused Chocolate from Great Jones Distillery: Don’t get us wrong, if you visit Great Jones Distillery, you should absolutely get a cocktail or two. However, in their gift shop, they sell delicious, bourbon infused chocolates. These rich bars of chocolate make for a delightful treat and great gift.

With NoHo wellness in mind, make sure to check out our vegan, gluten free and healthy options!

Enjoy vegan, gluten free options from Spring Cafe: This buzzy cafe has a large selection of vegan and gluten free pastries and desserts, from cakes to cookies and more. Best of all, these options are lighter, and healthier.

Classic NYC Black and White Cookies from Donut Pub: Black and white cookies are as classic NYC as it gets, and the version at Donut Pub is delicious. You should absolutely try their donuts too, if you consider them a dessert. Donut Pub also offers extensive vegan and gluten free options, making it a great choice for those with dietary restrictions.