The NoHo BID is thrilled to unveil our first NoHo Pandemic Recovery Snapshot. This report utilizes data from Placer AI, a company that utilizes anonymized cell phone location data to estimate foot traffic for locations around the world, plus the BID’s internal data collection program to show how our community has fared coming out of the pandemic. The neighborhood’s never been better in many regards, we’re experiencing record foot traffic, retail vacancies are lower than pre-COVID, and we continue to see major investments in the neighborhood by cultural institutions, offices, NYU, and retailers alike.

NoHo’s unique positioning as a trendy neighborhood, with a vibrant 24/7 live-work community, smaller offices, and desirable retail are some of the key factors that have enabled NoHo to truly thrive on the other side of COVID and into the future. Read on below to learn more about our pandemic recovery and the state of NoHo. Click here for a link to share this report.

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