As we enter the Holiday giving season, we’re asking for help from our community to show appreciation and gratitude to celebrate the year-round efforts of the five guys on our hard-working Clean Team. The NoHo BID is soliciting gifts and donations for the Clean Team. If you’d like to give, click here to get in touch with us.

As anybody in NoHo knows, the Clean Team works tirelessly, regardless of weather, every day to keep the neighborhood clean and beautiful. They sweep the sidewalks and clean up ripped garbage so our businesses, buildings, and property owners don’t get tickets, manage corner bins so they’re not overflowing, remove graffiti from buildings and street furniture, manage the greenery, and much more. 

We know this is another ask in a holiday season full of requests. But our Clean Team strives to keep NoHo as beautiful as possible. With the amount of time they spend keeping the district clean, they help neighbors avoid fines and enhance NoHo as a premiere Downtown destination. 

We are happy to accept cash, checks which we will cash and distribute to the Clean Team, or physical gifts and nothing is too small. We ensure that the Clean Team knows which buildings are giving gifts, so they know it comes from you. The Clean Team has five members. Gifts will be given to the Clean Team at their holiday luncheon. 

The BID also gives our five Clean Team members a holiday bonus, but the nature of their job is so inherently tough and we find these gifts in the Holiday season go a long way to make them feel appreciated by the whole neighborhood for all they do. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or clarifications.