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If you’ve lived, worked, or spent time in NoHo over the past 15 years, Paul Sarfo has positively impacted your life as a member of the NoHo BID Clean Team. Over that time, he’s spent six days a week tirelessly cleaning NoHo’s streets, emptying our trash cans, and helping make the neighborhood cleaner and more beautiful. 

Around Labor Day, Paul’s back began hurting, and eventually, it became clear something was really, really wrong. When he could no longer walk, doctors brought Paul in for emergency surgery. The operation took a turn for the worse and all of Paul’s vitals stopped. Miraculously, after an hour, the surgeons were able to bring Paul back. However, after the toll to his body, there is no way Paul will ever be able to work again. 

After two months of intensive physical therapy and medical care in the hospital, Paul has finally been able to return to his home. He still is unable to walk without assistance but should eventually recover enough to live a relatively normal life. However, he still has a long road to recovery and may never walk or work again. Paul is nearing retirement, and losing out on these last couple of years of work is extremely challenging for him and his family to navigate. We’re thankful that Paul’s employer, the NoHo BID’s supplemental sanitation contractor, StreetPlus, is helping to get him long-term disability benefits, but that process will take several months and won’t cover the months of lost income and medical expenses. 

The NoHo BID Board and Staff decided to launch this GoFundMe and to give neighbors a chance to give back directly to Paul and his family. For many, many years Paul was here six days a week picking up trash, emptying bins, and making the neighborhood more pleasant for all. If you’re a resident, property owner, or business, he’s helped you avoid fines by keeping the sidewalk clean, and during COVID he was here every day sanitizing the neighborhood and keeping a steady presence on the street. 

Paul’s very friendly and outgoing, and we know over the years he got to know people from around the neighborhood. However, the very nature of the Clean Team’s jobs is thankless and semi-anonymous. Many of us walk by the Clean Team all the time but don’t interact with them. Whether you’ve gotten to know Paul or just seen him around the neighborhood, we’re hopeful that you can help show your thanks by donating to this GoFundMe. The NoHo BID will match all donations, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000. Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated by the NoHo BID, by StreetPlus, and most importantly by Paul himself. 

Please contact the NoHo BID with any questions you have.