An image of a gallery room. There is two church doors int he back, and a blue and green art work in the foreground.

NoHo’s own Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is now open to the public for the first time ever. Since 1965 the artist himself and his estate have owned 381 Lafayette Street, and it is presently home to his foundation, archives, and a gallery.

For the first time ever, it’s now available to visit by appointment, and includes works by the artist and an amazingly renovated space. The gallery will also include rotating works by other artists. The building itself is as unique and interesting as Rauschenberg, once part of a larger abbey that’s been mostly demolished, it’s full of architectural charm.

Rauschenberg was an early resident of the neighborhood, and purchased the building in 1965. He spent a full year renovating the space, removing the alter, pews, and iconography from the space. Though he only lived in the building full time for a few years, Rauschenberg maintained ownership of the building, including living quarters.

As one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century, this is an incredible addition to the neighborhood. Rauschenberg’s career spanned more than 60 years, and his work has only become more renowned as time has gone on. Appointments to visit should be available soon.

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