NoHo provides a wide variety of medical care and wellness services to residents, employees and visitors. Below is a comprehensive list of all the high-quality care providers available in our neighborhood.

Medical Services

Acupuncture and Wellness


Physical Therapy and Chiropractic

Fitness Guide

Acupuncture and Wellness

ORA offers a healing escape from the everyday, every day. Combining efficiency with relaxation, ORA gives you the entire healing experience of acupuncture while accommodating your schedule. Along with acupuncture, Ora offers facials and other add-ons including Gua Sha, Cupping, and E-Stim. Their treatments focus on targeting and eliminating pain, improving sexual, mental and emotional health, and bolstering immunity and digestion. And, when you’re done with your acupuncture session, check out ORA’s drink menu, which offers teas and tonics specifically formulated to bring the body, mind and spirit back into harmony. Now you can take the pause you need whenever you need it and feel the benefits in every aspect of your life.

Serenity Health offers individualized holistic care integrating naturopathic and Oriental medicines. Patients are seen by Dr. Serena Ma one at a time, so at each visit you will be fully supported and taken care of. Serenity Health offers services in naturopathic medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion.

Dr. Heidi Lovie Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a private practitioner of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine who primarily focuses on auto-immune disorders with a special interest in Hashimoto’s. However, she regularly works with all aspects of women’s health (menstrual disorders, conception difficulty, pregnancy, post-partum maternal care, breast care), pain management, HIV management, cancer care, and “last resort” cases where everything else has been tried.

Sarah Sanborn Acupuncture and Massage is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Asian Medicine practitioner who primarily focuses on chronic pain syndromes. Additionally, she frequently works with sports medicine, all aspects of women’s health, psycho-emotional disorders, auto-immune disorders, and cancer care.

WTHN uses transformative, science-backed benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you find relief from everyday stress and pain. Their practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to provide patients with the long-term benefits through collaborative, personalized and consistent healing processes.


Eyes On Broadway is full of opticians who are highly skilled and sincerely care about your eye care needs. The Eyes On Broadway staff view optometry not only as a science, but as an art form. This particular combination is the difference between buying glasses and receiving unparalleled customer service from experienced opticians.

Selima Optique combines high fashion with everyday function, blending tradition and modernity to create truly timeless eyewear. Selima operates eight boutiques in Paris, New York and LA and her edgy, innovative spectacles and sun wear have developed a loyal following. She’s attracted the worldwide attention of media personalities, corporate CEOs, fashion designers and people from all walks of life who want to see and be seen in a pair of Selima’s edgy frames!

 Zak. HealthQuarters  is the one stop shop for your eye needs. They excel in bridging the historical gap between eye care and eyewear while emphasizing well-being. At Zak, they believe that an eye exam is not just a necessary pit stop on the way to new glasses, it’s a commitment to your health.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Services

NoHo Chiropractic is dedicated to chiropractic, non-surgical spinal decompression, and soft tissue therapy. His team utilizes the most advanced integrated chiropractic solutions available on the market. His chiropractic health programs are designed for each individual’s specific needs. His team of chiropractors are gentle and provide thorough consultations for every patient. They will teach you about spine health, nutrition, and exercise.

Jag-One Physical Therapy is a comprehensive outpatient physical and occupational therapy company which provides rehabilitative care for general orthopedic, sports and soft tissue injuries, Workers’ Compensation cases, and Medicare patients. Their experienced, caring physical therapists, athletic trainers and exercise physiologists are invested in your full recovery.

Spear Physical Therapy has a robust catalog of offerings so you can find everything you need under the SPEAR umbrella, quickly and conveniently. From Pediatrics to Geriatrics, Hand Therapy to TMJ, Golf Swing Analysis to Women’s Health, and many more in between, SPEAR’s therapists’ collective knowledge and training run deep and wide. They look forward to connecting you with precisely the right therapist to deliver the kind of expertly customized program you deserve.

Thrive Integrated Physical Therapy aims to help patients understand the extent of their injury on both a medical and personal level. Their therapists will listen to your story, learn about your symptoms and perform an extensive evaluation. During the course of your treatment, they’ll partner with you to establish a wellness program that fuses the latest in treatment methodologies and modern technology. You will always receive the highest quality of care utilizing cutting edge scientific evidence and treatments. At Thrive, their goal is to optimize your return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

MOTIVNY offers a variety of services, including physical therapy, individualized coaching, fitness classes and so much more. Their classes will help you get the most out of your workouts. With a focus on functional strength and mobility, you’ll walk away from each class having learned something new about your body and feeling great, no matter your athletic level.

Body Evolved specializes in physical therapy, movement training and coaching that work together to address your individual needs and goals. Whether you are focused on rehabbing an injury pre- or post-surgery, or training to be your strongest self, the Body Evolved team is here to help you reach your goals.

Medical Services

HealthQuarters and Mount Sinai Doctors bring together trusted clinicians, wellness practitioners, and brands so you can meet your needs for long-term health all in one place. Their primary care providers help you achieve your best possible long-term health. Available for in-person and video visits, your primary care doctor handles new symptoms, performs annual physicals, and keeps you up to date on preventive services. Whether you’re looking to bring more preventive care into everyday life or just starting your health journey, their team is here for you across their growing network of locations.

CityMD is an urgent care center staffed with board-certified physicians qualified to handle a wide variety of medical concerns – from flu and strep tests, to rashes and stitches. Their walk-in service is open 7 days a week with no appointment needed and they accept most insurance plans, including Managed Medicaid and Medicare plans. An aftercare team will guide you on the path back to health, by providing referrals and scheduling timely follow-up appointments for you after your visit.

ClearMD is a one-stop-shop for busy New Yorkers offering primary and urgent care, telehealth, and on-site lab testing. Their local Health Hub brings high-quality and convenient healthcare services to the NoHo neighborhood. They have helped hundreds of thousands with COVID testing and now provide further personalized and affordable health and wellness services. Patient walk-ins are welcomed and appointments can be booked online at their website. ClearMD offers both insurance and self pay options, with a no-membership fee for service and allows you to avoid long waits for primary care visits and the hectic environment of an emergency room.

Fitness Guide

AARMY Get ready to elevate your potential. AARMY’s signature music based Cycle and Bootcamps focus on building stamina and strength, and empowering people to tap into a higher standard of authenticity, energy, and excellence, to unlock their inner athlete. AARMY trains both your body and your mind based on a philosophy of constant progress. The inspirational coaching has helped build a dedicated community from AARMY’s New York headquarters to virtual sessions around the world.

Rise Nation NoHo redefines fitness. Rise Nation features choreographed climbing developed by Jason Walsh, an expert in strength, conditioning, and human physiology, to create an unrivaled fitness experience. Rise Nation’s unique climbing technique promotes a healthy spine, a balanced body and neuromuscular coordination.

The Bar Method New York City is a fitness studio offering barre classes for everyone. Highly trained instructors will guide you through a body sculpting barre class effective for any age and body. If you’re pregnant or injured, the Bar Method offers modifications and support so you can still have a great workout experience.

Rumble Boxing NoHo Are you ready to Rumble? At Rumble Boxing NoHo, whether you’re a professional fighter or a first-timer, you’ll train through a 10-round, 45 minute fight where you’ll learn boxing skills and finish off the session with resistance training. If you sign up for their training program, you’ll experience a 10-round, 50 minute workout consisting of sprinting, climbing, and pushing in the first half, and resistance training through pressing, pulling, squatting and crunching for the rest.

Le Petit Studio is a Pilates studio specializing in-studio and in-home private and semi-private sessions. Annie Venier, founder of Le Petit Studio in 2008, has over 20 years of Pilates experience after turning to the practice through rehabilitation for a sports injury. Booking a session with Annie will give you a fresh approach to Pilates, through her specialized integration of breath, rhythm and visualization techniques.

Blink Fitness welcomes all fitness levels at an affordable price with an inclusive attitude. Blink Fitness offers free coaching, personal training, and squeaky clean equipment, all for a low price. They also provide a mobile app with contactless check-in, a real-time crowd meter, and a calendar to track your progress.

Crossfit is a workout program designed for both new and advanced athletes that offers weightlifting, free weights, aerobic exercises, gymnastics and recovery techniques. Take a class, or sign up for private training, either way, you’ll be welcomed into a supportive fitness community.

Barry’s NoHo offers high-intensity workout classes, quality fitness gear, and a Fuel Bar with delicious protein-packed snacks. Get started with their HIIT Workout, which has a balance of instructed treadmill running and strength training. Or, if you don’t want to run, check out their Double Floor workout instead. When you’re done, grab a bite at their Fuel Bar for a protein shake to refresh and rebuild.

Equinox provides a luxury workout lifestyle and personalized gym experience to each of their members. Joining Equinox gives you complimentary access to their first-class fitness classes, personal training sessions with their highly qualified trainers, and online access to Equinox+ for premium fitness content at any time.

Dr. Charles Passler  is dedicated to providing his patients with realistic, long-term lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health. He provides assistance with Dietary Guidance, Kinesiology, Functional Testing, Cranial Electrical Stimulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Biofeedback, Sound and Light Therapy, and Detoxification programs through his Pure Change Program. Dr. Passler has been recognized for his Pure Change program in Vogue, Elle Magazine, and The New York Times.

Work Train Fight has well educated trainers that will give you results, teach you boxing and keep you motivated. They work with ALL demographics. They can always modify exercises in classes and especially in private sessions to accommodate injuries. They are here to keep you motivated through boxing while promoting strength and health by offering personalized fitness.

SoulCycle is a vigorous full body indoor cycling workout for everyone. If it’s your first time, staff will assist you in setting up your bike, give you a tour of the studio and make sure your first ride is a fun one. SoulCycle is meant to be a sanctuary for riders to experience breakthroughs and to reach their full potential.

Overthrow Boxing is the Home of Underground Boxing. Self-proclaimed as a fitness experience, a boxing gym, and a fashion brand, Overthrow prides themselves on their community atmosphere and establishment of Bleecker Street as the home to boxing world champions and fitness enthusiasts. They feature a variety of 45-minute classes that build endurance, strength training and recovery. Or check out their hour-long Wednesday Night Sparring class to learn techniques in fighting through different boxing drills.

CRUNCH is a no judgment gym that’s main goal is to promote positivity, inclusivity and fun in your workout routine. Not only does CRUNCH have high-quality, clean equipment, there are instructors and trainers dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Join a class, work with a trainer, or just fly solo, whatever you need, CRUNCH has it all.

Clockwork Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Curious to see what Jiu Jitsu is all about? Check out Clockwork Jiu Jitsu for an ego-free training environment welcome to all levels of training. Not only will Jiu Jitsu get you into great shape, it will provide training with passion, variety, and flow, unlike any other workout. And, your first trial class is free.

Life Time NoHo is a luxury fitness club and gym dedicated to helping you maintain your healthiest self. A signature membership at Life Time NoHo will give you access to multiple locations, all of their amazing classes, small group training, their sauna, steam room, and so much more. Members can also purchase luxury treatments, services and products from their LifeSpa, an onsite salon and spa. Plus, their deluxe services are offered through alternative membership programs for those Under 26, 65 Plus, Corporate Employees, and MediCare users, making their services accessible to everyone.

The Studio is a yoga practice dedicated to strengthening the mind and body. Their mission is to guide communication between your psychology and physiology through guided breath and movement. Their Katonah Yoga approach combines Hatha yoga with multiple philosophical theories to allow body and mind connection and students with injuries and discomfort can visit their yoga hospital, where there is an emphasis on physical alignment.

CorePower Yoga combines the physical intensity of a full body workout with the mindfulness of yoga. Their wide selection of classes include fundamental and intermediate level Vinyasa flow courses, Yoga Sculpt with or without weights, meditation and breathwork class, and so much more. Their AllAccess Membership comes with unlimited classes at any studio, access to virtual classes, priority in-studio booking and 15% off in-studio retail purchases, with no long-term contract commitment.

TMPL is a luxury health and fitness club with tons of fitness amenities and classes. Not only does TMPL have world class training facilities, studios and faculty, they have a Disco DJ Booth with live entertainment on weeknights, Hydro-Massage beds, Steam Rooms, a Boxing Studio and so much more.

Cyclebar is an indoor cycling work out studio dedicated to give riders of all levels an empowering and challenging training session through each class. The instructors at Cyclebar are dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential and smash all of your goals. Plus, a class at Cyclebar will introduce you to a community of other riders, and provide you with a supportive fitness network.