The New York Times might call NoHo ‘LiLA’ – Little LA – but that’s just cause they don’t know all the unique gems that make us NoHo. We’ve highlighted just a handful of the things that make us one of the most unique neighborhoods in all of NYC. 

1. Cast Iron and Loft Architecture was the draw for artists beginning in the 70s, and is equal parts unique and beautiful. Our neighborhood has some of the finest in all of NYC and the country. 
2. Our arts community is legendary for a reason. For generations, artists have called us home. From Basquiat to Hamilton at the Public, Blue Man Group to the dozens of performing and visual arts spaces still in the neighborhood, art happens here. 
3. Indochine has been ‘making New Yorkers feel famous since the 80s’ and is still as chic today as it was almost 40 years ago. Where else but NoHo can you done just like Warhol and Basqiuat did? 
4. Beautiful Bond Street and its iconic cobblestones. Enough said. 
5. Mercer Street Books and Records is an iconic NYC bookshop, one of the few remaining old school, sagging shelf bookshops that used to be found all over the country. Stop in for a near limitless selection of books on any topic imaginable. 
6. The Merchant’s House Museum offers a rare sneak peak into how wealthy New Yorkers lived nearly 200 years ago. It’s a time capsule to a long lost NYC, and is one of the best preserved interiors from the period in the country. 
7. Bite is a NoHo icon and has been for over a decade. It’s got great food, and is a classic NoHo story. Where else but here can a fashion industry veteran decide on a whim to open a pint size lunch counter featuring his tasty Middle Eastern inspired fare? 
8. Il Buco helped usher in a new era of rustic, wholesome Italian food in NYC and the nation. It’s a living icon that’s as tasty today as it was when it opened nearly 30 years ago. 
9. More than anything else though, it’s the people who make NoHo truly special. Click here to read some of our spotlights on just a few of community members who make our neighborhood one of a kind.