The holiday season is in full swing. Sure the holiday cheer and time spent with family and friends is great, but shopping for everybody on your holiday gift list is difficult at best and a frenzied mess at worst. To help make things just a little bit easier, our holiday gift guide spans 26 fantastic gifts at every price point from businesses around the neighborhood. 

  1. For the Handyman: A Swiss Army Knife from Shapiro Hardware. It’s a classic for a reason, this gadget is easy to carry and can solve loads of small problems. There really should be one in everybody’s toolkit. Check out their Business of the Month Spotlight from Village Preservation here
  2. For the Lifestyle Guru: Anything from C’est Beau 1872. This new project from West Elm founder Lisa Versacio carries a beautiful selection of beauty, fashion, and home goods – it’s a perfect one-stop-shop for the person in your life who is on trend in everyway. 
  3. For the Bookworm: A Book from Mercer Street Books and Records. A neighborhood staple for 30 years, Mercer Street Books and Records carries an incredible selection of used, unique, and interesting books. Read our neighborhood spotlight on them here for a little insight into what makes this shop so special.
  4. For the Friend Suddenly Into Vinyl: A Record from Spin On at Showfields. Tucked away on the 3rd floor of Showfields, Spin On is a record store and music venue curated by the legendary Grimey’s of Nashville! It’s even got special holiday albums for the season like A Very Kacey Christmas
  5. For the Cooking Kid: A Class at Freshmade. This cooking studio hosts classes for kids ages 2-15, but the children’s classes are where they really shine. If you’ve got a kid interested in cooking or are just looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, you can’t go wrong with any of their classes!
  6. For the Friend Who’s Done Every Workout: A Treatment from Facegym. Spin? Been there. Boxing? Done that. A workout for your face? We’re willing to bet you’re friend that’s done every workout hasn’t had a workout for their face yet. 
  7. For the Wine Lover: A Bottle at Any Price Point from Warehouse Wines and Spirits. This neighborhood favorite has a huge selection of bottles from around the world at any price point you want! Too busy to make it out to the store? They deliver anywhere in the neighborhood for free!
  8. For the Sneakerhead: New Kicks from Blades. A NoHo original, Blades is has everything you need for the sneakerhead, hypebeast, and streetwear lover in your life. For some holiday good deeds, you can drop off your old shoes here and get a discount. 
  9. For the Friend Who Has It All: A Scientific Specimen from The Evolution Store. They may have it all, but we’re willing to bet that they don’t have animal specimens, geodes and minerals, medical paraphernalia, and other truly unique pieces.
  10. For the Well-Dressed Friend: Gift Card to Michael Andrews Bespoke. We know giving a gift card isn’t the most exciting gift, but we’re confident that there’s not much that’s more exciting than getting a 100% custom, bespoke piece for your wardrobe. Best of all, use the gift card before February 1st and get 25% more added on to card’s value!
  11. For the Jetsetter: Luggage from Away. By now the secret is out, Away is the trendy luggage to be seen with and luckily, NoHo is home to it’s flagship store! Best of all, you can  pickup charms and other customizations to really make this eye-catching luggage stand out.
  12. For the Gender-Nonconforming Friend: Anything from The Phluid Project. The world’s first gender free store is here in the neighborhood. The clothes range from statement pieces to everyday wear, all without gendering the clothing. 
  13. For the Friend That Loves to Cook: A Hard-to-Find Pot, Pan, or Utensil from Win Restaurant Supplies. Going to a wholesale restaurant supply store might not be on your radar, but it should be. They’ve got three floors full filled to the brim with every kind of kitchen gadget, every size pot or pan, and any utensil imaginable. 
  14. For the Organic Beauty Lover: Anything from Briseis Beauty. Tucked away on a quiet block of Mulberry Street is Briseis Beauty. This amazing shop features beauty products that only use the highest quality, food-grade ingredients that are perfect for somebody with sensitive skin, allergies, or cares about using toxin-free products. 
  15. For the Stocking Stuffers: Toys, Trinkets, and Other Goodies from Kikkerland Design. Did you miss the sample sale in their NoHo office? Don’t worry, you can still order fun stocking stuffers directly from their website! 
  16. For the Friend Who Really Needs a New Backpack: Any Bag from Timbuk2. We all know one. The person who has held onto their backpack for way too long, despite it now being ripped, torn, and generally worse for wear. Do them a favor and get them one of Timbuk2’s cult-favorite bags. 
  17. For the Aspiring Baker: A Cooking Class at Le Pain Quintoden on Bleecker Street. NoHo’s Le Pain Quintoden isn’t like all the others you see around the city, but one of two special locations that host cooking classes! For the aspiring baker, there’s no better way to dip your toes in than with a professionally taught class.
  18. For the Theatre-Lover: Tickets to a Show at one of Any of NoHo’s Wonderful Theaters. Theatre is inherantly ephemeral, and there’s really no better way to give a gift to a theatre-lover than to get them in a seat at a show. With so many options to choose from, we encourage you to check out our Theatre Guide for info about our theatres.
  19. For the Artist: Paints and Brushes from Blick on Bond. With a neighborhood full of creatives, it’s only fitting that we’re home to an incredible two-story art store! Blick on Bond has a gigantic selection of brushes, paints, and other art materials for the artist in your life. 
  20. For the Guy Who Never Leaves Home Without a Hat: A New Cap from Hat Club. We’re not sure you’d recognize this guy if he wasn’t wearing a hat, but we are sure he’ll love a new hat from the Broadway store! It’s got a fantastic selection of hats – all with a classic look.
  21. For the Whiskey Afficianado: A “Rare and Unusual” Bottle from Astor Wines. It’s most well-known for wine, but don’t overlook the “rare and unusual” whiskey section tucked away behind glass in the back of the store. It’s got limited releases, small producers, and other hard-to-find bottles that are sure to impress.
  22. For the Friend Who Sleeps Way Too Much: A New Mattress from Casper. A Casper Mattress is perfect for the friend who texts you at 3:30 and asks if you want to get brunch because they just woke up. We can’t promise they’ll stop doing this, but we can promise that there sleep will be better than ever on their new gift!
  23. For the History Lover: A Membership to the Merchant’s House Museum. You could opt for a book for the history lover in your life, or you could gift them access to one-of-a-kind events, access to a piece of living NYC history, and other perks at this immaculately preserved house museum.
  24. For the Pet: Treats, Toys, and more from Happy Paws. It’s 2019 and honestly there’s never been a better time to be a dog in New York City, but there’s no reason not to up the game just a litle more with a great new toy from this neighborhood gem.
  25. For the Environmentalist: Reusable EcoStainless Containers from Arcadia Earth. This pop-up is home to the city’s only ecomarket, and while there’s lots of fantastic environmentally-friendly gifts, we recommend these containers the most. They’re practical, but nice, easy to clean, and basically indestructable.
  26. For the Cinephile: A Gift Card to Angelika Film Center. There may not be a better place to see limited release, indie, and foreign films in the city than NoHo’s own Angelika Film Center. We get shopping for this friend is hard, so opting for the gift card that will let them see something truly unique at this theatre is the move.