The New York HERO Act is now in effect in New York State. There is a lot of questions and confusion about what, exactly, this law requires of employers, liability, how to implement these rules, and how businesses are being required to change their operations. 

Every private enterprise in New York State is affected by these rules, from small offices to large restaurants to national retail chains. 

The HERO Act officially went into law on August 5th, and requires businesses to prepare plans to prevent the spread of highly communicable infectious diseases, as declared by the State Health Commissioner. Until now, there was no declaration, but one was declared on Monday, September 6th. 

This Act requires you to alter your business operations in ways we’re still trying to fully understand. You can read guidance from the NY Department of Labor here. However, we recommend reading the below articles for a nice summary of what’s happening. 

HERO Act – What to Know

5 Things to Know About the New York HERO Act – If you need help accessing this article let us know and we can send it directly to you.

Employers, It’s Time to Active Your HERO Act Plans

We understand these rules are confusing and very new. We will continue to share out new information as we get it.