Monsieur Brunold is a family affair. Charles, his wife, Chloé, along with their miniature dachshund Gnocchi, are young luminaries of the French fashion industry. The Brunold family, whose heraldry serves as the atelier’s distinguished logo, is more than 500 years old. French born, New York based, the Brunolds set about their trade with traditional European grace and attention to detail.

Chloé is a fashion industry veteran who understands the power of a good suit on a man. Her eye for detail is matched only by her flare for handsome design. Her passion for menswear will take you into a whole new world.

A stylish man about town himself, Charles has sartorial style that he developed while traveling the globe. To that expertise he adds other elements: his ability to understand and interpret trends, and an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps Monsieur Brunold lively and innovative.