Jane Mayle, Designer and Founder of the line, was born in London, England and moved to the United States as a child. She graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Literature. Jane opened her beloved NoLita boutique and founded her namesake label, Mayle, in the Fall of 1999. She stepped away from fashion for several years from 2009-2015 to focus on a range of creative projects, which led her back to this next evolution of her brand.

Mayle’s sophisticated aesthetic, a synthesis of ideas old and new, foreign and familiar, encompasses a full range of ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, and jewelry that build upon and transcend her original concept for the brand. From its inception, Mayle established itself as a brand where slim, chic basics meet vintage inspired pieces that can be easily layered, lived in, and loved.

Jane views clothing design as a form of storytelling and aspires to give each item she creates the feeling that it might have outfitted a woman glimpsed in a film or imagined in a favorite scene from a novel. She hopes that in wearing her designs, women will sense a story behind them; that getting dressed will be seen as “dressing up.” Mayle serves to remind its wearer how and why she is a woman, spanning beyond both seasons and trends in today’s modern world.