The Gene Frankel Theatre has remained steadfast since Gene Frankel founded the theatre in 1949; finding and cultivating an audience that can share with us the discovery and excitement of theatre. Currently the Gene Frankel Theatre is still vibrant with classes and revolutionary theatre.  Our goal is to keep the legacy of Gene Frankel alive by nurturing new talents, that voice who we are today. We are looking to give a home to artists that cultivate a theater that speaks not only of an idealistic socio-political change – but a personal change, the only truly manageable change that can lead to a new and better social, political, economic world. The work that has come from this venue for the last 63 years has had civil rights and progressive thinking at its core.

Today this is more relevant and necessary than ever. We are looking to reach out to our community and invite it’s people in their whole to celebrate new thinking, new ideas and a deeply emotional positive change. Through an evening at the theater or an afternoon of a children’s workshop – the GFT will be a haven for visual art, performance and discussion in a community that is quickly growing commercially and in our hope; culturally, intellectually and spiritually as well.