Every piece in Ethnix Tribal Arts has a unique story, much like the store owner, David Stiffler. It all began with a spot on the street at the corner of Bleeker & Broadway and the drive to make a living in New York City. Ethnix was a small street vendor business founded by David in the early 1990’s, inspired by his long-time fascination with african culture and his early career recording “Folkways”, tribal field music recorded in various countries.

Today David’s street shop is merely one facet of the business that has grown into a online ebay store and well established brick and mortar store on Broadway in NoHo. Ethnix has been in business for over 20 years with an impressive collection of ancient artifacts, with some pieces as old as 1200 years old. Traditional masks hang from every corner of the store, each hand carved and well traveled, collected from all around the world. Hand-woven tribal textiles and jewelry attracts photographers from Vogue and high profile clientele looking to find a one-of-a-kind piece.

Despite the success of David’s physical store location, David insists his favorite part of the business is being a street vendor in NoHo; “Street vendors are a huge part of the community in New York City.  We are always outside with New Yorkers. I get about 20 hugs a day from people who know me and it makes it all worthwhile.” When asked, “Why NoHo?” David smiled, and said; “I’ve traveled a lot, so I know different languages and I am familiar with so many cultures. It’s so important to acknowledge different cultures; it gives us a common ground, it keeps us human. And that is why NoHo. NoHo is a diverse community that engages and welcomes people from all walks of life, and there is an energy that reminds us all, that New York is not a cold place.”

Next time you’re planning a visit to NoHo, come by Ethnix Tribal Arts to say hello to our neighbor and friend, small business owner David Stiffler.

Address:          636 Broadway # 508, New York, NY 10012

eBay Store:     Ethnix Tribal and African Arts

Website:         http://www.ethnix.com

Whether it’s an individual, one-of-a-kind piece you seek or a great adventure through the maze of handmade tribal masks and textiles, Ethnix Tribal Arts welcomes you.  

Article written by Joanna Maziarz