Bond Street in NoHo is a hidden gem off busy Broadway, an escape to another realm of the city. The cobblestone street of Bond, featuring European renaissance inspired architecture, maintains a level of authenticity that is hard to find in our ever-changing city. On Bond, you will find a store that embodies the soul of NoHo and chic sophistication of the owner: Bond 07 by Selima, an extension of Selima Optique.
Selima Salaun, owner of Selima Optique, is an artist; she is a designer, collector, photographer, and licensed optician/optometrist. Selima, a native of North Africa, is a New York resident and owner of a successful, high-end vintage store and eyewear brand stationed in Manhattan and Paris. Her business, Selima Optique, is her own creation; a one-of-a-kind collection featuring European inspired designs, contemporary and vintage pieces, and trend-setting luxury eyewear available online and throughout five brick-and-mortar locations across Manhattan. One of her storefronts is located on our very own Bond Street in NoHo. The NoHo store, Bond 07 by Selima, located at 7 Bond Street is truly a work of art; displaying professional photography and designer pieces throughout the store with red velvet accents to tie it all together. It is no surprise that this location is Selima’s favorite; the experience of visiting Bond 07 by Selima is an adventure into New York City high fashion and glam.

Selima’s original, one-of-a-kind style shines through each pair of beautifully crafted frames. She has personally designed eyeglasses and sunglasses for high-profile clientele such as Ryan Gosling, Florence and the Machine, and Rihanna. Despite having such a high-profile reputation, Selima enjoys visiting flea markets and vintage shows to collect photography or discover new designers to feature in her stores. In addition, Selima continuously gives back to the NYC art community by hosting her own events for up and coming female designers called “Babes on Bond”. Be sure to check out the facebook and instagram pages for more information on this event and more!

Next time you’re planning a trip to NoHo, be sure to stop in and say hello to our fabulous friends over at Bond 07 by Selima, located at 7 Bond Street in NoHo. It’s truly a sight to see.


Instagram: @Bond07byselima


Written by Joanna Maziarz