The NoHo Business Improvement District (BID) constantly works to keep our neighborhood clean. Recently there’s been a neighborhood-wide uptick in improperly disposed refuse, so we’re sending out a reminder of the city’s rules for garbage collection.  

As a NoHo resident, retail business, or commercial tenant you may not dispose of your trash in any public receptacles. Doing so will result in the issuing of a summons from the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY). You must use a private carter for waste disposal and may only be set out two hours before a daytime pickup. If you have a nighttime pickup, it may only be set out within an hour of your business closing or after 9 PM.  

One of the biggest garbage challenges in our neighborhood is boxes. Whether commercial waste or residential deliveries, the improper disposal of boxes blocks sidewalks and typically leads to boxes scattered across the neighborhood. It does not matter if you attempt to dispose of your boxes properly, if they are found around NoHo, you will be fined by DSNY. Best practices is to tie up your boxes and set them out just before pickup.  

If you are ever unsure how or when to dispose of refuse, please reach out to the NoHo BID or DSNY so you help keep the neighborhood clean and avoid fines. Make sure to check with your super or property manager for building-specific rules. Sanitation fines are expensive, and virtually unlimited – they can be given out once per day per violation. DSNY may use any investigative methods necessary to find violators of sanitation laws.  

We would really appreciate you helping us keep the neighborhood clean by following these rules.