A State of the Art Running Club

First it was yoga, then it was spinning and now it’s running. It can be hard to keep up with all of the new exercise options, particularly when living in a city typically at the forefront of all things fitness! However, running seems to be the current workout dujour, which is why we wanted to highlight one of the newest fitness studios dedicated entirely to the sport. Located in NoHo, on East 4th Street between Lafayette and Bowery, Mile High Run Club offers both indoor and outdoor running classes as well as private coaching and even custom marathon training plans for all of the New Yorkers attempting the city’s famous November race this fall.

The classes are suited for runners of all levels – no need to be an elite athlete or daily jogger! – and some, such as the DASH 28, even incorporate running-specific strength and power-training exercises utilizing kettlebells. Classes typically range from 45 minutes to an hour and incorporate a variety of speed and hill intervals. Much more than just another workout option, Mile High Run Club focuses on training like an athlete and helping each runner improve his her speed and endurance while getting in a good sweat.

Ready to give it a try? Then you’re in luck! Mile High Run Club is extending a complimentary class to all Noho residents and businessmen and women! Simply use the promo code NOHONEIGHBOR after registering and select your first class. We hope to see you there!