NoHo was designated a historic district by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), and any property within the district is considered a landmark. The whole property, including the sidewalk, is designated, not just the building. This means a LPC permit must be issued before any work is done to the exterior and select work is done in the interior of the property. LPC permits are only required for interior work if a Department of Buildings (DOB) permit is required, if the proposed project affects the exterior of the building (i.e. HVAC louvers and vents), or the property is designated an interior landmark. Even if the proposed exterior work does not require a DOB permit or affects only the part of the property not visible from the street, you still need a LPC permit.

To make the permit application process easier, LPC offers a Business Express Service for storefronts and other street-level commercial spaces, including restaurants, offices, and retail stores. There is a dedicated hotline and team of preservationists to offer pre-application consultation and application review support. Contact the LPC Business Express Team at and put “Business Express” in the subject line or call 646-202-3938.

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The LPC Business Express Service includes a dedicated hotline and team who will offer pre-application consultation and focused application review to support businesses located in storefronts and other street-level commercial spaces in the City’s designated buildings and historic districts, including restaurants, retail stores and offices. There is also an accompanying application form, available for download here, to make the process as seamless as possible.

Work Types

The work types listed below related to commercial stores, restaurants, and offices at first or second floors and basements are eligible for LPC Business Express Service review.

• Interior Work
• Minor Restoration Work (repainting, cleaning,
repointing, etc.)
• Storefronts, Windows and Doors
• Awnings
• Signs and Related Lighting
• Barrier-Free Access (ramps, lifts, changes to
doors, entrances and stairs)
• Sidewalks, Vault Lights or Hatches
• Health, Safety and Utility Equipment (security
cameras, light fixtures, etc.)
• Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
(HVAC) Equipment (louvers, ductwork,
condensing units, etc.)
• Unenclosed Sidewalk Cafes
• Temporary Installations or Work (temporary
signs, artwork, banners, kiosks, storefront
probes, etc.)
• Authorization to Proceed (ATP) Permits for
work subject to an approved master plan

If your work type is not covered here, reach out to the Business Express Team at 646-202-3938or (write Business Express in the subject line), and they will help you figure out the best way to get your permit.

Applications and Permits

Before applying for a permit, check that your proposed work meets LPC Rules by reviewing the Permit Guidebook and if applicable, the Guidelines for Storefront Design. If it does not meet the Rules, then you should apply using the Standard Application Form and consult with the Business Express Team for guidance. You might need to go before the LPC Commission to receive approval.

If your proposed work meets the Rules, apply by submitting this Business Express Application along with the required supplementary materials included on the form to: The application will always require current photos of the area(s) where the exterior work will take place and dimensioned drawings of the proposed work. If the proposed work needs to be reviewed by DOB, include the signed and sealed DOB drawings. There is no fee to apply to LPC. However, LPC assesses fees to cover costs associated with issuing permits. Fees are charged only for work that also require a DOB permit. DOB collects LPC’s fees in addition to its own. Learn more about fees here and for questions, contact the DOB at (212) 566-5000.

To apply, fill out the LPC Business Express application form, which can be downloaded here, attach all materials that describe the existing conditions and the proposed work, and send it by email to: