The Vet Set Launches In-Home and Office Pet Care in New York City

Bringing the Best Veterinary Medicine

When You Need It, Where You Need It

Extending $50 Off On Initial Visit Offer to NoHo Residents with Pets!

The Vet Set’s tag line of “Stay. Heal. Chill.” drives home their message of providing modern, stress-free vet care in the home (or office) where the pet is most comfortable while alleviating costly and anxiety-inducing trips to the animal hospital. Doctors Taylor and Eva founded the company with inspiration from a time when doctors would visit a patient in-home and care for them from birth into their golden years with the benefit of modern technology and treatment. Dr. Taylor says, “Veterinary medicine hasn’t changed in decades, it’s time to bring it up to speed in the same way human medicine is being delivered – and we are literally delivering it to your home.” She adds, “We all want the same care for our pets as we do for our kids because for many of us, they are our kids and we care for them in exactly the same way.”

The Vet Set offers a full range of healthcare services including your pet’s first immunizations and testing, preventative care, diagnostics, vaccinations, health certificates for travel, acupuncture, and hospice care. Online consultations are offered through Vet24Seven. Surgery and other procedures requiring hospital care will be arranged, if needed. Dr. Eva says, “This is the most modern and advanced on-demand vet care in New York City but we’re not the Uber of vets as other in-home vet services claim to be – we are the opposite of that. You don’t know who’s going to arrive when you book through other services – it could be a stranger who has never treated your pet. With The Vet Set your call will be answered by the doctor who has a personal relationship with you and your pet.”

The Vet Set doctors are supported by Michelle Pecoraro, a licensed veterinary technician, who has lengthy experience with both the ASPCA and New York’s highly respected Animal Medical Center. As the owner of rescue pit bull, she knows first hand about the difficulties in getting a sick pet to the vet’s office. Michelle says, “I’m really looking forward to building relationships with our pet owners and their babies as I know the trauma that pets can experience from visiting an animal hospital emergency room. It costs me over $100 for a special pet taxi to take my pitty for an appointment. The Vet Set will solve that problem while saving you money. ”

To get on The Vet Set Yappy Hour cocktail party list – where pet owners can meet Noah, The Vet Set mascot, and talk directly to the doctors, email