Rainy days in New York are roughly as common as train delays, but a few drops doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plans! NoHo is full of wonderful, indoor activities perfect for a rainy day. Best of all, everything’s so close in the neighborhood that you can keep outdoor walking and broken umbrellas to a minimum. 

Catch an Arthouse Film at Angelika: This classic movie-lovers’ destination is one of the old-school type of theaters that showcases foreign, limited-run, and indie movies. You won’t find the newest Marvel or Disney flick, but you can expect to find big names in small-budget movies and other treasures. It’s well-priced and has fantastic bistro food like cheesecake, salads, and more — no more snacking on skittles. See what’s currently showing here

Take in the Theater: For decades NoHo has been at the core of Downtown’s theatre scene, and you can still find plays, musicals, and more happening every night in the neighborhood. Comedy, drama, burlesque, the options run the gamut in the neighborhood and are constantly changing. Check out our theaters here

Spend Hours Digging Through a Book Store: Rainy days and book stores go together about as perfectly as NoHo and historical architecture; that’s to say they’re practically inseperable. While many folks have written about the disappearance of Manhattan’s independent book stores, NoHo has held onto this rich reading scene. For the design-lover there’s Dashwood Books and BOOK/SHOP, for a classic sagging-shelf used book store experience there’s Mercer Street Books and Records, for reading your new book with a coffee there’s Codex Books, and there’s a surprisingly solid selection of new books, including children’s books, at the NYU Bookstore.

Gallery Hop: As a neighborhood of artists and creatives, there’s no shortage of galleries in the neighborhood. In fact, walk a few steps in any direction and you’re bound to find somewhere with incredible art. Our guide, updated frequently, covers all the details – what’s showing, where you can see it, and when.

Time Travel at the Merchant’s House Museum: Okay, you won’t actually time travel, but this historic house is so incredibly preserved you’ll think you did! If you’ve never been to this museum, it’s a must-do on a rainy-day in the neighborhood! The architectural details, furniture, and facade are all in the early 19th century style, exactly like when it was built. The house isn’t just some stuffy place full of old furniture though, the life and legacy of the Treadwells, builders of the mansion, is kept alive and on-display. Find out more here

Hit up Happy Hour: No, hiding from the rain in a bar isn’t particulary original, but it’s done so often for a reason. NoHo is full of bars and restaurants offering all-kinds of specials that make those end-of-workday hours so magical. We’ve got all the deals around the neighborhood in our Happy Hour Guide here

Book a Spa Treatment: We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to book a last minute appointment, but NoHo’s spas and wellness centers have a treatment for just about any condition under the sun (or rain clouds). Whether it’s a simply getting your nails done or a full day extravaganza, the options are limitless. Read our spa guide here.

Go For a Run Anyways: If you’re an outdoor runner, there’s no reason to cancel your run for the rain! Mile High Run Club offers indoor, treadmill-based running classes. These incredible group classes combine HIIT, running, and a little bit of fun to create a truly unique fitness experience. Book a class here