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Fri & Sat in March at 8pm

The Bloody Deed of 1857 To Preview in Colonnade Row Parlor

True Manhattan Murder Will Immerse You In Mystery and History

Limited Run! ~ Only 25 Seats +  Fridays & Saturdays in March

~ Top Tier Tickets Include Historic Ghost Tour ~

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Cast, Venue & Story Images

Photos: JJ Ignotz – jj@jjignotz.com

New York, NY…Paranormal History Productions will present a limited preview of The Bloody Deed of 1857, an adaptation of a true story by Elise Gainer. The site-specific work will take place in the historic Colonnade Row nearby where the murder took place on Bond Street. The work was selected as the featured piece in the Tectonic Theatre Project’s Advanced Moment Work Master Class with Moisés Kaufman in May 2017. Ken Davenport, the veteran Broadway producer, consulted on this unique immersive experience including script and overall project development. This preview is not yet open to critics.

An Introduction ~

Someone murdered Dr. Harvey Burdell on January 30th, 1857 in his New York City home on Bond Street. It was the most scandalous crime to occur in the city primarily because all evidence pointed at his rejected lover, a petite but conniving widower named Emma Cunningham. But the jury didn’t believe a woman could commit such a violent act. Officially, the case remains unsolved and has left restless ghosts behind to battle for eternity. Journey with us into another dimension on an immersive experience into the past. Our spirits now reside in a secret, 1833 parlor in the landmarked Colonnade Row where historic documents and actual witness testimony help to bring the truth to light.


Performances are at 8PM on Fridays and Saturdays ~ March 2nd through March 24th. The audience is limited to 25 seats and ticket prices start at $30. Exact location will be provided upon purchase. For more details and tickets please visit bloodydeed1857.com.

Colonnade Row ~ New York’s History Salon

Built in 1832-33, this historic row of landmarked townhouses were the first conspicuously extravagant homes in New York pre-Civil War.  Inspired by palatial row houses in London and Paris as well as classic Greek architecture, the homes quickly sold out to New York’s most elite families. Astors, Delanos, Roosevelts, & Gardiners lived here as well as Washington Irving and other writers. The salon now presents historic lectures and is used as a development space for a variety of creative projects, both artistic & commercial. Special events also happen regularly and can be seen on Instagram and Facebook @colonnaderow


Dr. Harvey Burdell – Alfredo Diaz

Emma Cunningham – Elise Gainer

Lewis Lefferts – Mike Marcou

Shadow Actress 1 – Sarah Doudna

Shadow Actress 2 – Rebecca Brudner

Shadow Actor  – Oliver James Burke

Principle Understudy – Linus Ignatius

Tour Guide – Meghan Sarah Karre

Charlotte Worthington, Shadow Actress 1 Understudy – Elissa Levitt

Principle and Shadow Actor Understudy – Linus Ignatius

Shadow Actress 2 Understudy – Becky McCall


Playwright/Producer – Elise Gainer

Director – Reesa Graham

Lighting Designer – Sarah “Stoli” Stonack

Set – Costume Designer – Jessica Samuelson

Fight Choreographer – Brad Frost

Stage Manager – Elissa Levitt