Taking a Joke: Here, There, and Everywhere

Date: Saturday, October 24th
Time: 4:00PM – 5:30PM
Location: 1 Washington Place, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre
Ticket: Free and open to public

“Being funny is golden. Trying to be funny is … death. Are some venues better than others for pushing the limits and trying out new jokes? With so many venues available for comedy – from the stage to the Web series and every Tweet in between – how does the experience of writing and performing jokes change with the venue? How does a comic find – and keep – his audience? We’ll explore these questions and more with celebrity insider Noah Levy (GAL ’05) in conversation with his former classmate Comedy Central’s Eliot Glazer (GAL ’05), when they both return to Gallatin to talk about making a living off of making people laugh. ” 

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