Stanley Love Performance Group

Date: May 25,27, and 28th, 2016
Location: The Gene Frankel Theatre
Tickets: $20 cash at the door

“We are human first, dancers second” – says choreographer/dancer Stanley Love and this universal declaration seems to be the key to reading his work produced with the Stanley Love Performance Group. Active on the NYC dance scene for almost 25 years, Love has made his mark as a driving force behind large-scale dances involving large casts and extremely dense, energetic movement, drawing from various social and modern dance idioms and coordinated in perfect unison to a truly orchestral effect. However, while most of the contemporary choreographers working with large ensembles invest in uniformity of look and movement, Love sees value in the individuality of each of his dancers and builds his ensemble as an embodiment of the underlying principle of diversity, both of culture and body types. While his pieces are highly structured and choreographed in minute details, the performers contribute to them not only by their brilliant technique and perfect sense of the rhythm – necessary to execute each of the wildly dynamic “sections” that Love’s work is built upon – but also uniqueness of their stage presence, emotion and spirit.

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