Helpern Architects thrives as the kind of design firm that people say can’t exist anymore: mid-sized, regional, providing terrific plans and designs for new and old buildings and spaces, and fierce about details, documentation, and drawings.

Our clients appreciate our focus on value, professionalism, and ethics.

We’re very good at putting things together – from site or floor plans to building materials and building systems, to equally intricate redevelopment analyses.

We’ve been here in New York City for over four decades. Building in this region is both art and contact sport. We get the best design built as designed.

We’ve completed 4,300 projects, mostly for institutions, developers, and government. Some projects have taken seven years while a site investigation can be done in 48 hours. No matter the time frame, we know how to get the right answers, and also how to get decisions made and things accomplished.

Our Founding Principal David Paul Helpern likens us to a “classic car with zip under the hood.” Experienced leaders with a young team in place is a great combination.

You can call any one of the Principals to talk about the stories behind these claims and, of course, about what’s ahead and new for you, too.