Friday, June 26, 2015 to Saturday, August 15, 2015

Margaret Morton: A Retrospective

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 25th, 2015, 6-8PM

Duration: June 26th – August 15th, 2015

Location: Leica Gallery, 670 Broadway, Suite 550

“A powerful metaphor of America, Margaret Morton’s The Tunnel shows the beauty of the people we shun, and the light in a world we cannot see.” – Danny Lyon

Margaret Morton has had over twenty-five solo exhibitions, and more than fifty group exhibitions in the past fifteen years. Her projects have appeared as porfolios, articles, or in reviews in The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and more.  She is a photographer engaged with the photographic representation of alternative-built environments and the individuals who construct them for more than twenty five years. Her previous books form a permanent record of the temporary habitats that Manhattan’s homeless individuals created for themselves in public parks, vacant lots, abondoned buildings, along the waterfronts and beneath the city’s streets.