Arsène Lupin vs. Sherlock Holmes

Based on characters created by Maurice Leblanc & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by Thomas R. Gordon

Date: April 22nd – May 14th
Location: Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond St. Manhattan
Tickets: $18 – General Admission, $9 – Student / Senior

“The Mystery of the Fair Haired Lady” – There is a great secret surrounding the Chateau Thibermesnil and the mysterious fair-haired lady!  A strange murder as well as the theft of the famous Blue Diamond have both taken place right under the noses of the French Police, and the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin is the primary suspect!  After a failed investigation by the Sûreté’s Inspector Ganimard the French Police decide to call for the help of the famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes, who has sworn to solve the mystery, recover the stone and arrest his rival – all in less than three days!