Baby Fat: Act 1

Date: July 21 – July 23, 2016
Location: Ellen Stewart Theatre | 66 East 4th Street (2nd Floor)

While a handful of bands are prepping storylines for the stage, this may be the first opera in punk rock, and is a creative leap from the Weasel aesthetic.” – Scott Murry, New Noise Magazine

Verdi’s classic opera Rigoletto gets a punk rock overhaul by iconic frontman of Screeching Weasel (“Cool Kids”), Ben Weasel. In Baby Fat: Act I, we find ourselves in The Reptile House, a Chicago club where the house band Serpentello and its entourage are at the center of a dark vortex of debauchery from which seemingly no soul can escape unharmed. Michael Scholar, Jr. (The Black Rider) directs this advance showing for a strictly limited run. 

Music and Lyrics: Ben Weasel

Libretto: Ben Weasel (after Victor Hugo and Francesco Maria Piave)

Director: Michael Scholar, Jr.