Love Thy Beast, one of the in style pet stores in New York City, and our new neighbor at 341 Lafayette Street, is inviting everyone to come and hangout with them!

The founder and designer, Tiziana Agnello, is a huge pet lover and deeply appreciates their loyal companionship – “dogs understand our human sensibilities.” Her pug, Orzo, is her inspiration.

The business began when she decided to design a tote bag for her “loyal companion” to be taken with her to work on the subway. People loved the idea of carrying pets in a tote bag, and she now designs collars and beds as well.

Tiziana is a strong believer in growing together with other local companies. She carries treats and toys that are locally produced and friendly to the environment. Everything is made in USA, many from NYC’s 5 boroughs.

Tiziana and Orzo love being in NoHo! A perfect neighborhood with lots of pets and friendly residents. It’s in her plan to design and create more products for NoHo dogs, which are indeed smaller than the 30 pound dogs she was used to back in Brooklyn.