A 6 Weeks to Summer Challenge

Date: April 15th thru May 27th (6 Weeks)
LocationFlex Studios at NoHo and Union Square
Price: $600 includes 24 classes = $25 per class(Orig. $38)
Deadline: Purchase only available today thru April 15th.

READY FOR SUMMER? Flex Studios challenge you to take 4, heart pumping, calorie burning, body changing FLEX classes every week for the next 6 weeks to get you where you want to be(Flex 90 not included)!

For best results they suggest combining all three methods of Flex TRX, Flex Barre, and Flex Pilates. Don’t be hesitant because you have classes purchased already, you CAN put a class package or membership on hold to participate, simply email FlexStudios if you’re interested!  Just remember the 24 challenge classes must be completed within the 6 week parameter, but they will not be tallied weekly. 

Finishers will be entered into a raffle to win: (1st prize)5 pack of classes + a FLEX Muscle Tee, (2nd Prize)3 pack of classes + a FLEX Muscle Tee, or (3rd Prize)FLEX Muscle Tee.

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